Hey, I know what we haven’t played in a while: What’s Weirder? Shall we?

What’s weirder?

A. 50 Cent hanging with the ladies of The View on Friday. To discuss kids’ dietary issues.

B. Jewel taking the promotional campaign (scroll down) for her latest disc, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, to CBS’ daytime drama The Young and the Restless on May 31.

C. That’s rapper-actor-author Snoop Dogg to you. Yep, dude’s writing a book, Love Don’t Live Here No More, due in October.

D. You know the Michael Jackson-50 Cent duet you’ve all been dreaming about? (Or not.) It might actually happen.

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I’m going to have to vote for D.

I mean, you can’t blame Jewel forgetting innovative to broaden her audience, and I guess the same can besaid for Snoop, whose publisher says he’ll be able to reach out to afemale audience with his book. As for Fitty, you’ve got to give the guycredit not only for championing a cause, but for enduring questionsfrom gnarly Elisabeth Hasselbeckto promote it.

That leaves me with the Fitty-Jackson collaboration,which seems to be akin to combining Taco Bell and McDonald’s Frenchfries: They might be yummy to some folks on their own, but takentogether, they’re a recipe for digestive distress.