Poor, put-upon, “All I did was swipe a few baseball cards” ‘Tweener. I actually felt a little sorry for Avocado’s bed buddy last night. Interesting how the producers made that little stool pigeon sympathetic by explaining how ridiculously minor the “crime” was which got him into Fox River in the first place (he stole a bunch of baseball cards, one of which just happened to be worth $300K).

But just how innocent is Tweener? By episode’s end, we saw how he tattled to Bellick about Scofield’s plans for escape! My first reaction (because I always want to see the glass half full when it comes to the hot boy) was that Scofield couldn’t be that naive, telling yet another inmate about his plans. Upon further review, however, I decided that I am that naive. Just how many mistakes can this dude make in one week? Clearly, Sara’s on to him now (getting the “wife” to grab her keys so he can access the infirmary — jeez, what a maroon). Irksome, frustrating — and yet so much better than the last two excrutiatingly ridiculous episodes.

Meanwhile, Lincoln’s much-anticipated reunion with Daddy Dearest served as a primer for Season 2: There’s a far greater force at work here beyond the V.P.’s reach. Okay, I know — kinda like what we learned last night on 24 with Dr. Romano and his mysterious band of evildoers. But while I started to have my doubts about a second and third season of Prison Break, I don’t anymore; I’m just as eager to hop that Fox River fence as Scofield and get on with the real chase.

What about you?

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