Usually, if I have to start my morning with anything stamp-related, it’s a very bad thing, something along the lines of: “Gah! Credit-card payment due! Don’t have envelope! Have massive roll of 37-cent-ers! Where the %$#@&* did I put the 2-cent upgrades!” Alas, I bet you’ve seen that movie, too.

This morning, however, I noticed the lovely folks at BoingBoing pointing to Worth1000’s contest asking design-minded folks to PhotoShop some jaunty new postage-stamp designs. Surprisingly, the American Idol stamps aren’t my favorites; I far preferred the Ringu masterpiece (pictured) and the eye-catching Homer Simpson set. And with poor Jared from Subway currently ranked dead last, I wonder about the Taco Bell stamp: Could it maybe taste like a Chalupa?