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The Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley (pictured, at right) appeared on The Sopranos last night, playing himself. The fictional Kingsley is shown taking meetings with highly dubious “producers,” who are peddling him a highly dubious film.

There are times when self-parody becomes uncomfortable for all of us. This is one of those times. Lest any of you forget, Ben Kingsley said yes to Bloodrayne. He said yes to Thunderbirds and Spooky House. Sure, he also says yes to The House of Sand and Fog and Sexy Beast. But for every good choice, there is an equal and opposite Sound of Thunder (or equivalent).

So the Sopranos producers made a very wry choice in selecting Kingsley, a pedigreed actor who continues to command respect, yet has a rep for taking anything that comes along. How horrible must Chris’ script be, then, if Kingsley turned it down? For the love of Ed Wood, the man has worked with Uwe Boll!

Next on The Sopranos: F. Murray Abraham? And Dyan Cannon getting kicked in the stomach?

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