Well (Stage - 2006)

As a monologuist, Lisa Kron has been likened to Spalding Gray. As a playwright, she’s been compared to Pirandello. But Well, an ambitious mess of artifice and contradictions (”It’s a solo show with other people in it,” says Kron, who plays ”Lisa”), defies categorization?and, often, comprehension. Though Kron’s tale — actually, that of her allergy-ridden ”housewife savant” mom (a marvelous Jayne Houdyshell), a Midwestern civil rights activist — is compelling, it’s hampered by a self-conscious structure and hammy supporting cast. ”It’s a theatrical exploration,” says Kron. ”It’s not meant to be a well-made play.” That explains a lot. (212-239-6200)

Well (Stage - 2006)
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