Sandra Bernhard: Everything Bad & Beautiful

Last year, the reigning diva of iconoclastic downtown sensibility turned 50(!), and the question on everyone’s lips was: Would Sandra Bernhard lose her edge? The happy answer is no, as evidenced by her vibrant new Off Broadway offering of song and dish. Looking spectacular and as full of acid-laced bon mots as ever, Bernard takes on the Bush administration, Britney Spears, and dramatic lesbian relationships with typical bile and brio. Oddly, though, it’s the musical interludes that divert your attention even more. When Bernhard and her band, the Rebellious Jezebels, launch into rousing versions of Pink, Lita Ford, and Prince (just for starters), you may convince yourself you’re at the best downtown party in eons. (Tickets: Call Telecharge at 212-239-6200, or visit

Sandra Bernhard: Everything Bad & Beautiful
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