I don’t find Nick Lachey annoying. Not in the least. Certainly not when he tells Rolling Stone magazine that he’s glad he’s ”not just getting attention because I was married to Jessica Simpson,” but then spends pretty much the entire interview talking about the details of his marriage to (and pending divorce from) Simpson.

I don’t find Lachey shysty either. Definitely not when he says that blaming Jessica for the divorce ”is bull—-,” then later sneaks in the fact that she refused to go see the marriage counselor he’d found for them.

The other thing I really love about Nick is how he realizes that ”When you are on a reality show, your life ceases to be reality. It becomes TV.” Which should help him now that the same crew that filmed Newlyweds is filming a reality show about the recording of his solo CD.

Like I said: Not annoying at all.