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The Omen
Nothing says ultimate evil like a slobbering dog, a rusty swing, and a red schoolboy outfit. For some of you, I’m describing a typical Saturday night. For the rest, this teaser (for the remake of the ’76 horror classic) will deliver deliberate, derivative thrills. B-

The Promise
Look a bit like Crouching Hero, Flying Dagger? So what?! Lithe bodies in kitelike flight, fluttering fabric, and flashes of steel: Don’t blame Chinese myth history for being better art-directed than its Western cousins. Just let your eyeballs dance. B+

Waist Deep
I will go see anything — anything — where the villain is named Big Meat. Tyrese looks pretty furious here, and he’s fast, too, as a parolee racing against time to free his ransomed son from the aforementioned gangsta Meat (the Game). Good gravy! B

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
”When the going gets tough,” quoth Garfield, ”the great ones party.” I feel certain this Britain-set sequel will answer all the Big Questions raised by the rich Garfield mythology: Does he really like lasagna? Does he love to party? Is my life sad? D-

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
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  • 90 minutes