So the New York Post is reporting the dubious news that Oscar winner Kim Basinger (pictured) so enjoyed working with Kiefer Sutherland on The Sentinel (in theaters today) that she’ll be joining the cast of 24 next season. Hmm…

At first I thought: No way. But look at the show’s rep for attracting guest stars and it gives you pause. Among the fine actors who’ve stopped by Jack Bauer’s House of Horrors for a few hours are: Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim, Sara Gilbert, Sean Astin, and Julian Sands. So why not Kim Basinger? I mean, she said yes to My Stepmother Is an Alien. If the teaser for next week’s ep holds true, it’s looking like Jean Smart’s days are numbered, so they’ll be needing another hysterical Southern lady to keep the prez company. Bingo! Get me Basinger!

So it made us wonder: Who else would you like to see stop by the ol’ CTU? I checked in with resident 24 expert Scott Brown (isn’t Brownie doing a good job?), and he saw my casting challenge and raised it. “Let’s just use people who have co-starred in movies with Kiefer,” he enthused. He’s very enthusiastic.

Um, okay…

-Donald Sutherland (A Time to Kill) as the officious Jack Bauer Sr., a.k.a. Daddy Jack, who’s itching to come out of retirement

Flatliners‘ Kevin Bacon as Jack’s wise-cracking wingman

-Fellow Young Guns star Emilio Estevez as the turncoat bad guy you’d least suspect

-Phoebe Cates, who costarred in Bright Lights, Big City, as yet another doomed love interest for Jack

-And, of course, both Coreys (Haim and Feldman, of The Lost Boys) as Chloe’s bumbling, genius techie whipping boys

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

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