Credit: Inconvenient Truth: Eric Lee

When it comes to box office star power this May, Tom Cruise and those X-Folks have nothing on…Al Gore. That’s right: Five years after that whole election thing, the former future president is back in the spotlight — Hollywood-style. ”People will see a different Al Gore,” says producer Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction). ”He’s funny and grounded and engaging and passionate.” Stemming from a global-warming lecture that the ex-Veep has been delivering worldwide, this documentary (from veteran TV director Davis Guggenheim) vividly displays the potential effects of climate change. We watch, for example, as the snows of Kilimanjaro melt, seas rise, and places like Florida drown. ”The desire with this movie,” Bender says, ”is to change the debate from Does global warming exist? to How fast can we do something about it?

An Inconvenient Truth
  • Movie
  • 100 minutes