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Feedback from our readers

Stern Warning

Thanks for recognizing Howard Stern on your cover. But why didn’t you give Stern his proper due (”Stalking Stern”)? He’s arguably the greatest nonsports entertainer of his generation. Name one other person who provides more than 25 hours of fresh material each week, drawing millions of customers in the process? Compared to those in all other mediums, Stern has no equal.
Brian McGonagle
Charlestown, Mass.

Call me uptight, but your cover needed some tweaking. Suggestion: ”No Limits, No Censors, Nobody Cares.” Maybe I’m cynical, but I daresay the growth in the Sirius subscription base has less to do with doddering Fartman jokes and more to do with market penetration. The funniest thing about the schlock jock these days is that he’s totally convinced his program has purpose.
Miles Brandt
Newark, Ohio

Clive Talkin’

I think you overlooked why many people went to see Inside Man (News & Notes). It wasn’t for Denzel or Jodie but Clive Owen, one of the hottest and most talented actors on screen right now. Every performance that Owen gives smolders with intelligence. He is the reason for the film’s success, and the press continually fail to recognize him. What more does he need to do to grab your attention?
Margaret Baker
Harrisburg, Pa.

Finding the Way

Thank you for showing the map from Lost (News & Notes). It was still unreadable in the nearly full-page image, so I went to your website and, sure enough, found it with the ability to magnify the sections. Lost is one of the few shows I watch, and I hope it’s around for a while. You guys could probably publish a book filled with the theories you’ve conjured. Keep the info coming!
Mark Charrette
Mesa, Ariz.

American Tragedy

Calling the United 93 trailer ”deeply disturbing” (News & Notes) is accurate on many levels. I can choose whether or not I want to see the film. I had no say, however, in the irresponsible, sensationalistic trailer that emotionally sucker-punched me at a screening of Inside Man. You quote a Universal Pictures marketing exec as promising to show ”the utmost respect for those who were personally affected by 9/11.” Isn’t that all of us?
Matt Eber
Los Angeles

Making the Grade

I’m a fan of EW but have never written a letter. I’ve noticed that your reviewers generally give good grades (B — and up) to mediocre movies (DVD). What prompts me to write, though, is that in the most recent issue your reviewers gave 9 to 5 an A and Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17 an A- and B+, respectively. What gives?
Mike Hughes
Ellicott City, Md.

Number of readers who would rather read a cover story about XM Radio’s Opie and Anthony than about Howard Stern

Number of readers who went to see Inside Man because of Clive Owen — not Jodie Foster or Denzel Washington


Amy Cohen of Scarsdale, N.Y., claims to be Family Guy‘s most devoted fan — no, really. Not only has the college freshman written papers ”discussing why [the show] kicks ass,” but she’s also marked her flesh: ”Some of my body piercings are graced with Stewie rings, but what really sets me apart is the Stewie tattoo on my foot.” Um, Amy, you might want to skip Ken Tucker’s dis of Family Guy.