By EW Staff
April 21, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
Art School Confidential: Peter Sorel
  • Movie

Fans of Ghost World will recall the daffy art teacher played by Illeana Douglas, who gushed over one student’s tampon-in-a-teacup creation like it was a Picasso. Now, the brains behind Ghost — director Terry Zwigoff and writer Daniel Clowes — offer a full-blown feature about the poseur-filled bubble that is art school, spiking their sardonic send-up with a plot about a serial killer on the loose. ”It starts off very light and funny,” says Zwigoff. ”It reflects the state of mind of the protagonist, Jerome [Max Minghella], who arrives at this art school full of optimism and humor, but soon gets all of that stripped away.”