So I was in the shower this morning, and what should come around the iPod shuffle bend? “The Things We Do for Love” by 10cc. If that doesn’t ring a bell, go to your favorite music-download service (iTunes definitely has it), listen to it, and come back. Yes, I’ll wait…

Now it’s already well established on these pages that I have no taste. But tell the truth — that hook is like aural gold, no? (“Like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s nowhere to go and you’re feeling like a part of you is dyin’…”) You totally love it, right?

An informal survey (a.k.a., poking my nose into my coworkers’ shared folders) reveals that more than five of them also had 10cc in their iLineup. What are the chances? Interestingly, women seemed to favor 10cc’s airy, morose “I’m Not in Love,” but that’s neither here nor there. Also in heavy rotation: the Beach Boys; Matthew Sweet; Ace of Base; Jack Johnson; and Dusty Springfield.

So tell us: What is your secret iPod shame? The thing you belt out in the shower (not that I was belting necessarily…) or gives you a secret smile on the bus when it comes on?