I can’t stop listening to this song, which I’m pretty sure is a good sign. As their website states: Cee-Lo + Danger Mouse = Gnarls Barkley. Not a bad pedigree, ay? The Mouse’s layered dancefloor beats and Cee-Lo’s plaintive soul vocals are a maddeningly perfect (read: more addictive than black-tar heroin) marriage in my book. Like I said, I seriously can’t stop listening to it. And wait ’til you see the video. It’ll remind you of, um, college, and all those op-art concert posters you used to think were, like, so cool, man.

Apparently “Crazy” is all the rage in the U.K., having been released there earlier this year. Look for it to hit shelves stateside on May 9. In the meantime, try to maintain your own sanity as its warped grooves do a number on your cerebellum. I think I’m crazy!