Credit: Holmes: James Devaney/; Goodwin: Jean-Paul Aussenard/; Fields: Everett Collection; McPhee & Bilson: Ray Mickshaw

It all happened at Fox Studios in an explosion of chestnut curls and cheekbones not seen since the heyday of the Osmonds. Rachel Bilson (of O.C. fame) came and sat in the audience to support American Idol‘s Katharine McPhee (with whom she had apparently gone to high school — who knew!).

It was right then and there that I stopped obsessing about all those interchangeable blond mannequins (who never return my calls anyway), and returned to my first love: chipmunk-cheeked brunettes, as exemplified by (from top to bottom) Katie Holmes (sniff); Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin, and — kicking it old school — everyone’s favorite girl midget, Sally Field. Say it with me, people: Aw. She purdy.