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Is this Libby’s epitaph?

So Cynthia Watros (pictured) got a pilot. Great for Cynthia Watros! Bad for Libby, the character she plays on Lost. It’s not yet clear whether or not the show, a CBS comedy called My Ex-Life with Tom Cavanagh, will get picked up. And Watros, although she’s playing opposite Cavanagh, is signed on as a “guest star.” But if it’s true, look for Smokey the Monster to rear his smoggy head. I smell Libby kibble.

Poor Hurley. That guy really can’t catch a break. He hasn’t even found out they were old Thorazine buddies yet! So let’s help him prepare for the inevitable by planning out some chillingly plausible death scenarios for our favorite ex-mental patient.

Scenario 1: Libby falls down New Hatch. Hatch is marked “Libby.” Music: Scary!

Scenario 2: Tom Cavanagh appears on the island, reveals: There’s another network out there… Music: disapproving. Cavanagh and Libby die messily.

Scenario 3: Michelle Rodriguez swerves car made of coconuts straight into Libby. Music: Rimshot!

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