Just because a certain member of my household doesn’t share my enthusiasm for small, shivering, bulgy-eyed canines (scroll down to Chihuahua cozies) doesn’t mean I can’t live out my dog-show dreams — in a virtual setting, anyway. Thanks to those crazy kids at Metafilter, I’ve discovered, a surprisingly detailed online game that’s kind of like fantasy baseball for folks who find two nights of Westminster coverage doesn’t quite sate their passion for competitive pooches. The site lets you play the role of breeder-owner-handler-trainer-groomer to your show-dog stable, includes a nifty breed selector, and even lets you delve into specifics like which brand of chow to choose (Old Boy Generic Dog Food? I think not!) Anyhow, if you don’t see any more blog posts from me today, you know where I’ll be: Off trying to decide whether to purchase Casa Blanca Penguin Suit, Sunshines Rock Your Body, or the aptly named American Idol Fansite.