Moonstruck: MGM/Photofest
April 18, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT


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In Season
102 minutes
Wide Release Date
Nicolas Cage, Cher
Norman Jewison
John Patrick Shanley
Drama, Comedy, Romance

Cher was at her Oscar-winning best as an Italian-American widow resigned to a sensible second marriage, who ends up falling hard for her fiancé’s pointedly unsensible brother (the hilarious, heartbreaking Nicholas Cage) in Moonstruck.

The original DVD release in 1998 offered few extras: a cheerful but mostly dull commentary from director Norman Jewison, screenwriter John Patrick Shanley, and Cher, as well as a making-of booklet. But the new Deluxe Edition is a veritable gluttonous ode to the film. The mini-doc ” Moonstruck: At the Heart of an Italian Family” features footage of rehearsals and dialogue coaching sessions interspersed with real-life couples chatting about their kitchens. Cage — ”the most tormented actor” in Hollywood, according to Jewison — is absent from new cast interviews, but we hear from Danny Aiello: ”It was a full table of people screaming. It was great?it reminded me so much of my life!” In a ”Music of Moonstruck ” featurette, composer Dick Hyman explains that the movie originally opened with La Bohème, but the test audience ”didn’t chuckle for half an hour…. They didn’t know what kind of film it was.” Once they heard Dean Martin singing over the credits, says Jewison, ”everybody relaxed.” And ”Pasta to Pastries: The Art of Fine Italian Food” is a gastronomic tour of Little Italy that includes stops at a gelato stand and a ravioli supplier; a chef at Grotta Azzurra even demonstrates how to make Spedini alla Romana (fried white-bread-and-egg sandwiches).

A vast improvement on the original DVD, this edition aims for the heart and also hits the arteries. Now, that’s amore.

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