Credit: Pitt & Jolie: Tim/Ockenden/AP

For me, one of the scariest things about modern parenting is the competitive pressure that’s placed on kids from a young age. Will baby Tarquin get into the right preschool? Shouldn’t little Fiona have mastered the cello by now? Still, reading USA Today’s disconcerting feature in which professional gossips gauged folks’ excitement over the pending births of TomKat and Brangelina‘s babies was a sobering reminder that celebrity tykes have it even worse. Imagine being judged on your photo-op potential or having the details of your birthing room publicly discussed in mind-numbing detail — all before you emerged from the womb. Then again, the Holmes and Jolie babies could have it worse: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s pending bundle of joy didn’t even get a mention. Sounds like that fetus needs a new publicist.

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