If The New York Post and The Hollywood Reporter are to be believed, ABC is facing a Sophie’s Choice next season: Move either Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy (pictured) to Monday night. This will fill the gaping hole left by Monday Night Football and free up coveted Sunday space for one of three highly favored pilots: Men in Trees (starring Anne Heche), Brothers & Sisters, and Women in Law.

This puts me in no kind of bind: I watch neither Grey’s nor Desperate. I make a nice gravy and watch The Sopranos, then set aside some quality time for the kids I don’t have. So you tell me, readers: Who should get the bump to Monday? Grey’s or Desperate? Also: Ex-Monday Night Football viewers, which one of these candidates is most likely to sate your testosterone-injected expectations? Marcia Cross can throw the long bomb, but Sandra Oh’s got an amazing running game. Discuss.

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