The 10 hottest topics for the week of April 21, 2006

1 Jennifer Aniston goes to Chicago Reportedly, she may move to escape the paparazzi. Guess she didn’t see the ominous ”Paparazzi Seeking Spacious 1BR” post on

2 Brangelina go to Namibia Will the one-upping never end?

3 Priscilla Presley doubts Dallas movie can improve on original It’s the same logic she used to scuttle Reagan’s ”Robot Elvis” project back in the ’80s.

4 NYC gossip columnist allegedly offered praise for cash This is just a polite reminder for Emilio Estevez to send along that $25.63 we talked about.

5 Pregnant Mira Sorvino did own stunts It was for something called Robert Ludlum’s Covert One: The Hades Factor. So rest assured, she did it for art.

6 Wal-Mart’s selling Brokeback Bad news for local ”mom ‘n’ pop” gay cowboys.

7 Debut of Indonesian Playboy causes huge controversy Meanwhile, the debut of Micronesian Playboy causes world’s tiniest controversy.

8 Da Vinci Code author wins case However, there’s still a case to be made against Tom Hanks’ weird Da Vinci hair.

9 Katie Holmes poised to pop A nation’s couches brace for fresh impact.

10 Pras spends nine hellish days on Skid Row for documentary So what? I once spent nine hellish days listening to Skid Row, and no one made a movie about me.