I had scads of New Year’s resolutions for 2006: Start going to the gym four times a week. Do something about the pink paisley wallpaper in the bathroom. Fine-tune my karaoke technique. But then, of course, American Idol returned, and all my self-improvement plans went the way of the dodo. Television, as many of you know, is a harsh mistress.

So that’s why looking ahead to the second half of the year, I’ve got a new attitude, turning away from inner concerns and looking outward — toward my beloved DVR. Those spots left empty in the wake of Alias‘ series finale (and the deteriorating quality of the writing on my old standby CSI: Miami) have me shopping for possible replacements.

And thankfully, The Hollywood Reporter has a rundown of nearly 100 comedy and drama pilots being considered for pickup by the five major TV networks for the 2006-2007 TV season. Reading about the casts and premises for these possible shows is dizzyingly good fun, but it’s even better when you play Imaginary Network Exec while you’re doing it. If I ran the world (or at least ABC), I’d commit myself to a minimum of 13 episodes for Brothers & Sisters, thanks to a first-rate cast (Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, pictured, and Ron Rifkin) and production team (Ken Olin, Marti Noxon, etc.). (Just as long as they changed the dopey name).

Now it’s your turn: Check out the rundown of fall pilots and name the one show you’d definitely greenlight. Ready, set, prognosticate!

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