“The old order changeth,” wrote Tennyson, “yielding place to new.” He was undoubtedly thinking of Sean Hayes* and his much-speculated about sitcom follow-up to Will & Grace. Reportedly, it’s called Detention, involves teachers, and stars none other than Britney Spears. How’s that for a follow-up? (And, on a related note, how many messages from Matt LeBlanc are right now sitting unanswered on Ashlee Simpson’s voicemail?)

Now, this is all just unsubstantiated scuttlebutt, based on a late February meeting Brit reportedly took with Hayes and his producing partners. But the chanteuse has already done a spot on Will & Grace (where she played a conservative talk-show host, pictured), and is said to have a fine rapport with Hayes. Britney as educator — I buy it, but hey, I went to school in the South. How about y’all?

*[Editor’s Note: Tennyson wrote “Flower in the Crannied Wall” for Sylvester Stallone.]

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