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Totally Tube-ular

Finally, the telly gets her chance to shine on your cover. She has worked so hard for it. And those color bars in the background oooh, those color bars!
Pete Feltman
Mason City, Iowa

Loved, loved, loved the ”TV Is King!” affirmation of all that is delicious about current programming. Recently I’ve felt like I was spiraling into a hopeless addiction to my DVR. But now I am so relieved to know that if I’m sick, I’m only as sick as…Stephen King. What a relief!
Dana King
Spring, Tex.

Thank you for recognizing Scrubs as the top comedy currently on television. It has a loyal following but is underappreciated in this era of reality programming and crime/legal-drama dominance. NBC angered fans by delaying its fifth season until January, then rewarded us with new back-to-back episodes for a while. The show’s slapstick and offbeat humor is subtly layered with sincerity, emotion, and gentle wisdom. Let’s hope Scrubs gets to stick around for another five years.
Scott A. Giorgianni
Lafayette, Calif.

In the Pink

It was great to read the story about Pink (”The Upside of Anger”). I just assumed she was another ”edgy” pop princess, with ”punk” style compensating for run-of-the-mill content. That’s clearly not the case. It’s so refreshing to hear someone talking about the way so many female stars market themselves as sexy and nothing else. What did happen to the dream of a girl president?
Paul Notley
Portland, Ore.

Do the Write Thing

I was very excited to read an article on the best screenplays floating around Hollywood (News & Notes) and to read descriptions of the top three — until I noticed that only one of the screenplays actually had a writer’s name attached to it. Don’t you think we should give credit to the screenwriter even when there is no film yet? Please don’t contribute to the idiocy that ignores these valuable players.
Kathryn Maughan
New York City

Forging a Bond

Casting Daniel Craig as Bond could give this stale franchise new life (News & Notes). Did we learn nothing from Christian Bale as Batman? I look forward to my first Bond movie since watching For Your Eyes Only at age 12!
Jan Reynolds
St. Louis

In issue #871, a letter written by Mark Kirby was incorrectly attributed to Tricia Hunkins-Tetzlaff, whose letter did not run. We apologize for the error, and present the correct versions of both letters below.

I don’t know what broke my heart more, seeing Brokeback Mountain (four times) or seeing it lose the Best Picture Oscar (only once, thankfully). I liked Crash, but no way was it the better movie — just the safer choice. I pray that everyone involved with Brokeback will be compensated by knowing their superb work on this film will never be forgotten.
Mark Kirby
Lake City, Fla.

There seems to be a certain amount of hypocrisy in the wake of Crash winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Before the Oscars, countless articles were written in which Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal discussed the awkwardness of their love scenes. You don’t find actors expressing comparable discomfort about playing killers; Brokeback is a story about two people loving each other. Well, stories about unfulfilled love rarely win Oscars, yet articles (including one in EW) cried ”why” over the injustice of the old-school voters refusing to reward Brokeback because of their homophobia. Which is it? A simple love story between two people (what difference does gender make?) or a statement about lost love caused by a lack of societal acceptance of homosexuality? I guess whichever suits a headline’s agenda.
Tricia Hunkins-Tetzlaff
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Number of readers who didn’t recognize the brunette at the center of our ”TV Is King!” illustration. (For the record, it’s House‘s Sela Ward.)

Number of readers who agreed with Stephen King’s declaration that 24‘s Kim — not poor, sweet Edgar — should have taken one for the team on the show’s shocking March 6 episode


Sharon Fain of Costa Mesa, Calif., is upset with our March 31 Style story about gun-related designs — but not for the reasons you may think. ”It’s tough trying to be a hipster,” she writes, ”and even tougher when EW brings emerging trends to the masses. You let everyone know that ‘guns are the new skulls.’ By making this proclamation, you have retired many of my new purchases. Now I have to find the next hot underground inanimate object. Thanks for nothing!” Er, you’re welcome?