There’s a list of TV’s top scene-stealers, so let the quibbling begin!

We’ll agree that Jaime Pressley (pictured) fits the bill as Joy on My Name Is Earl. But we’re all kvetching about the inclusion of Lost‘s Naveen Andrews: Can you steal a scene when you’re a principal character — and chances are the scene is yours to begin with? (Of course, poor Sayid’s been so effectively sidelined this season, I can see where he’d start to seem like a supporting player.)

I might add Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos for the brilliantly idiotic insights he peppers into each ep. My recent favorite:

TONY: ”Says here if all of human history were represented by the Empire State Building, humanity’s time on earth would be a postage stamp at the top.”

CHRIS (brief pause as he considers this; then): ”I don’t feel that way.”

Genius. And now… nominate away!