Don't miss the latest video from the Glasgow lads, plus three other new tunes you'll want to sample

Songs by Franz Ferdinand, Obie Trice, and more

Mere months after releasing their stellar sophomore LP, these tidy lads come through with a brand new single that rivals their best material. The song’s titular heroine is a local Glasgow friend, and the band pays her fitting tribute with this stomper, which echoes the carefree melodicism of British Invasion faves like the Kinks and the Zombies. Its brilliant accompanying video follows a checker-coated girl as she skips around Scotland’s biggest city with the buoyant air of a Godard leading lady. After watching the clip, it’s easy to see why the Franzies are a bit smitten. Check out the video at Domino Records.

If you’re a rapper looking for a criminally catchy R&B dude to sing your new single’s hook, book Akon. Eminem protégé Obie employs this tried-and-true formula on his current tale of urban backstabbing, and the results are predictably solid. The track’s sparse beat and vivid storytelling bode well for the Detroit MC’s upcoming CD, Second Round’s on Me. Listen to the song for free and watch the video at Obie Trice’s official site, or buy the song at Rhapsody.

Earthworm bass. Ominous strings. Elegant electronics. ”Live With Me” is pure Massive Attack. Featuring the timeless vocals of folk-jazz legend Terry Callier, the soaring new track is included on the group’s new greatest-hits CD, Collected, and its unsettling video is directed by revered lensman Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Radiohead’s ”Karma Police”). Following a self-destructive woman on a severe bender, the clip doubles as a sharp anti-binge-drinking screed. Watch the video courtesy of Filter Magazine and buy the song at iTunes.

Strange strains of hip-hop, Broadway, and glam converge on this vibrant song from one-man indie superstar Ethan Marunas, a.k.a. Baby Dayliner. Bellowing like David Bowie doing his best Sinatra, Marunas’ croon is a showstopping force that ties together the song’s bouncy piano, frolicking horns, and boom-bap beat. It’s like modern musical theater with a swinging disco bent. Download the song here. (PC USERS: RIGHT-CLICK on the link above and save to your desktop. MAC USERS: CONTROL-CLICK on the link to save to your desktop.)