Queen of the Oddballs

Through what appears to be sheer force of will, Girl Power author Hillary Carlip has lived a life that would make Leonard Zelig jealous: It seems there’s nothing in pop culture over the last 40 years that she hasn’t touched, from Art Linkletter’s House Party to Oprah. In Queen of the Oddballs, she breezes through her childhood as a juggler, her escapades as an extra in Xanadu, and her career as a writer; along the way, she meets Carole King, Carly Simon, Debbie Gibson, and most of lesbian Hollywood. While her quest for personal fulfillment isn’t half as interesting as her famous friends and bizarre life coincidences, it’s not everyone who can claim to have won The Gong Show and seen John Cusack in acne medication.

Queen of the Oddballs
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