Okay, I could have done without Michael’s boxing-with-the-wall scene (my knuckles ache just thinking about it), but it certainly proved what extreme (if not downright moronic) lengths that Michael will go to for Lincoln: pound his hand silly against the wall of his solitary cell and then pretend to be catatonic so Sara will transfer him into the psych ward where he can ask ol’ Sleepy-Eye Haywire to re-create the intricate tattoo on his back that was burned by a butt-hot pipe that Michael leaned against two weeks ago. I know. You don’t have to say it. So freakin’ ridiculous. And yet Michael really had me after that final, painful punch: Has Homeboy really gone mad? And for what?

While he was playing the pugilistic nutcase back in solitary, Fernando was taking care of business by plugging up their escape hole in the shack so the guards wouldn’t discover their intricate plan. Crisis averted! Meanwhile, Lincoln’s retarded son thought he’d take matters into his own hands by hunting down Kellerman but ended up getting caught by the cops. His bad! And we learned that Lincoln’s dad — the man who helped postpone the execution — somehow has ties to the V.P.’s brother and the “company.”

So what did you think? Will Kellerman — who’s just as surprised and confused as I am about daddy Burrows’ links to the “company” — start to turn on the veep? Would you punch a wall to get a one-way ticket to the cuckoo ward? Is this show getting just too damn crazy?

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