A letter from Karen O to fans: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman has something to say in the wake of ''Show Your Bones''' chart success
Credit: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Aliya Naumoff

Last Tuesday, April 4, on the strength of their superlative single and video for ”Gold Lion,” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs debuted at their highest album chart position ever, No. 11 on the Billboard 200, after moving some 56K of their sophomore full-length effort, Show Your Bones. Exclusively for EW.com, YYYs singer Karen O shares her feelings on the band’s special moment — in her own special way.

It’s true, we’re back. Thank you for noticing! That is our primary sentiment. We play down everything between the three of us [Karen O plus guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase], so success is celebrated in a high five or a half nod — it’s that Yeah Yeah Yeahs restraint that only happens behind the scenes. Trial and tribulation, a drama which has been both sensationalized and felt in the music, have dumped us in a sunny patch. Really, I can’t express in words the feeling of joy and excitement that permeates every song we perform nowadays. Now that we have pleased ourselves, we aim to please you. A note to the ladies: Go on with your bad selves! I’m holding down the fort with all of our female kind in mind. People will say all kinds of things, but I don’t give a damn about that. Stick to your guns and I’ll stick to mine — it’s all there in the music, we’ve mapped it out.

Please continue to take the ride with us; we are gracious hosts, but a little nervous still because this is uncharted territory for the YYYs. We may need a hand from all of you to not get lost along the way. Rock ‘n’ roll saves lives!

— Karen O