There’s a hundred different ways to try to handicap the winner of American Idol‘s fifth season: AOL’s weekly poll,, the message-board comments on EW’s TV Watches. And now, believe it or not, eBay.

According to sales figures from the online auction site, gray-haired dude Taylor Hicks (pictured) leads the eight remaining contestants in total items sold (388) and average sale price ($19.70) over the last month. He’s followed by Chris Daughtry (309), Ace Young (224), Kellie Pickler (120), Katharine McPhee (80), Bucky Covington (73), Elliott Yamin (23), and Paris Bennett (10). Granted, the eBay method is hardly scientific — I can’t imagine most of Idol‘s non-teenage-girl fans are clamoring to purchase a glass pendant commemorating Ace Young’s Earnest Crooner Gaze No. 147™ — but just in case, I might have to go bid on that ”Elliott Yamin Is My Idol” t-shirt. Not for me, of course, it’s for, um, a friend. You got a problem with that?

addCredit(“American Idol: Ray Mickshaw/FOX”)