Dear Mandisa:

Everybody’s entitled to their opinions — yourself included. But, of course, so am I. And that’s why even though I always felt you were one of this season’s more entertaining (if not always on-key) Idol contestants, I’ve decided I’m happy you won’t be performing on Tuesday night’s show, having been surprisingly ejected from the competition last Wednesday. Is it because I’m offended by the answer you gave the Advocate when they asked if you’d be comfortable performing in front of a gay audience? (“Based on what I believe, I’m not an advocate for [being gay], so it’s nothing I would take part in,” you said, adding you didn’t really know if gay people could turn straight, a theory espoused by your favorite lecturer, Beth Moore, of Living Proof Ministries.)

Well, maybe I’m a little offended.

But more importantly, considering that pretty much every gay person I know personally is an Idol addict, I’d hate for you to have to compromise your beliefs by singing for all of us on the Idol stage (particularly during this week’s ”Queen night”).

What’s more, think of all the homosexual stylists, makeup artists, publicists, producers, and other music-industry types you would’ve been surrounded by if you’d actually gone the way of Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia and won the competition. Yes, it’s better we say goodbye to you now, Mandisa. And better that you bid adieu to any hopes of signing with an indie dance label, the genre in which I always imagined you succeeding.

Anyhow, if I’m being honest, you gave us some good performances, but you’re no Trenyce.


Michael Slezak