Will there be a ''Big Brother: All Stars''? -- Here are our casting picks for the unconfirmed show
Big Brother

Will there be a ”Big Brother: All Stars”?

For the love of Julie Chen, please let rumors of a much-anticipated Big Brother: All-Stars be true! Although CBS won’t confirm or deny such talk, the possibility of an edition made up entirely of returning houseguests already has us buzzing. Here are 12 memorable contestants we’d like to see back in the hot tub this summer.

”Chicken” George

(BB1) Who else is gonna put a colander on his head and insist he’s a spaceman?

Will Kirby

(BB2) This master of the arrogant sound bite plays mean and dirty. And could win again doing it.

Danielle Reyes

(BB3) Even if there are no virgins to align with, this crafty chess lover is a threat.

Marcellas Reynolds

(BB3) $500,000 says he actually uses the ”golden power of veto” on himself this time.

Roddy Mancuso

(BB3) Danielle accused him of having horns, but we like playing devil’s advocate.

Jun Song

(BB4) Just so she can prove that one can actually lose, rather than gain, loads of weight in the house.

Alison Irwin

(BB4) She’s a lousy girlfriend (oh, that poor dunder-headed Donny), but she’s delicious at deception.

Jase Wirey

(BB5) His bizarre chicken-clucking attack in season 5 makes him a natural ally for George.

”Nakomis” Dedmon

(BB5) Sorry, Cowboy, but we long for an encore of your half sis’ genius ”six-finger plan.”

Kaysar Ridha

(BB6) The third time could be the charm for one of the most popular houseguests in Big Brother history.

Janelle Pierzina

(BB6) The ”VIP cocktail waitress” is sure to serve up some more memorable shots.

Ivette Corredero

(BB6) Ewe, she was baaaaad, but no sense putting this ”sheep” out to pasture just yet.

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