Which TV twosomes are finally going to seal the deal? -- We decide who will hook up on ''Bones'', ''CSI'' and more
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Which TV twosomes are finally going to seal the deal?

These TV twosomes are clearly in the mood for love — which ones will finally seal the deal?


Agent Reeves & Dr. Larry

History The math whiz eats only white-colored food — but that didn’t stop him from having a lunch date with Megan. Or from buying a classic car as a chick magnet.

Odds of Hooking Up 4 to 1. It all adds up. Beautiful woman + brainy geek = perfect match.

Classic TV Counterpoint Friends‘ Rachel and Gunther


Brennan & Booth

History It doesn’t take a detective to see Booth is jealous of Brennan’s love life; she reciprocates by canceling a date to sit by his hospital bed.

Odds of Hooking Up 2 to 1. Since opposites attract, it won’t be long before the cerebral doctor jumps the bones of the go-from-the-gut G-man.

Classic TV Counterpoint Moonlighting‘s Maddie and David


Warrick & Catherine

History Late nights. Close quarters. Headless corpses. It all leads to serious chemistry — and last year’s near-miss kiss?for these crime-scene investigators.

Odds of Hooking Up 7 to 1. Catherine gets Warrick’s blood pumping, but his new, albeit rocky marriage makes this a closed case for now.

Classic TV Counterpoint The Mod Squad‘s Linc and Julie

My Name Is Earl

Randy & Catalina

History His list: Help his bro while gazing longingly at Catalina. Her list: Dust, mop, and remain blissfully unaware of Randy’s feelings.

Odds of Hooking Up 20 to 1. Randy called dibs on wooing Catalina back in 2000, but good karma only goes so far…unless she needs a green-card marriage.

Classic TV Counterpoint Gilligan’s Island‘s Gilligan and Ginger

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