Credit: Pulp Fiction: Everett Collection

The best screenplay ever? It’s Casablanca, say the professionals at the Writers Guild, who’ve just released their list of the 101 best screenplays ever written. (It’s available here as a .pdf file.) Also in the top five: The Godfather, Chinatown, Citizen Kane, and All About Eve.

The biases of the list seem inherent; the movies cited are very masculine (where’s something like Heathers or Clueless? And why are only six women writers represented?), very dialogue-driven (though I do think Pulp Fiction, pictured, should be higher on the list than #16), very American (only six films made abroad are on the list) and very recent (there are 39 films since 1980 and only 30 made before 1960).

Help the Guild out by telling them what they missed. Which screenplay really “spoke to you”?

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