Holding out for a movie with some emotional uplift? Maybe one of these will fill the bill:

The Lost City (April 28) Andy Garcia (pictured) directed and stars in this epic about the Cuban revolution, playing a nightclub owner in pre-Castro Havana. Plot looks like every historical epic you’ve seen since Gone With the Wind, but the visuals are gorgeous, the music is full of life, and there are some sly cameos by Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman.

Peaceful Warrior (June 2) Nick Nolte is a grizzled mentor whose sports-‘n’-mysticism bromides help a college gymnast (Euro Trip‘s Scott Mechlowicz) fight his way back to the mat after a debilitating motorcycle accident. There probably isn’t a suprising moment in this whole movie, but if anyone can put this nonsense across like his life depends on it, it’s Nolte.

Preaching to the Choir (April 14) Two estranged brothers (Billoah Greene and Third Watch‘s Darien Sills-Evans) come together to lead a Harlem gospel choir. This looks like pretty much the same movie as The Fighting Temptations, only without Cuba Gooding Jr.or Beyoncé. Still, the music should be rousing, and there’s a hint of un-church-like humor, as in a priceless exchange at the end of the trailer between Greene and the ever provocative Eartha Kitt.