William Fichtner, Invasion

Ooh! Starting Over‘s just about to come on, which puts me in an oddly confessional mood. And while I’m not quite ready to regale you with my tale of breaking out of a refrigerator box to learn about tearing down ”walls,” I will reveal a small slice of pop-culture shame: the list of celebrity names I’m afraid to say out loud.

(Deep breath.)

Okay, here goes: Invasion‘s William Fichtner (pictured). Good Night, and Good Luck‘s David (Day-vid) Strathairn. Peter Stormare (he of Prison Break and those hilarious VW ads).

Go ahead: Call me a dork. But somehow I’m guessing there’s at least one actor whose surname (cough) you don’t (mumble) risk enunciating (garble) for fear of ridicule. Go ahead. Take off the mask. Share with the group. Because it’s important to know how you feel about your feelings.