Here’s what the nation’s reviewers had to say about Phat Girlz, Mo’Nique’s new comedy (pictured)… uh, wait a minute, Fox Searchlight didn’t screen it for critics. Okay, let’s do Rob Schneider’s Benchwarmers instead… oops, Sony didn’t screen that one for critics either.

We got nothing, people.

Ah, but there was a sneak preview of Benchwarmers for the public in Florida. What’s that? Orlando Sentinel critic Roger Moore put the “sneak” in sneak preview, and snuck in? And wrote a review, which Sony tried to get his paper and his syndicate to disavow? They didn’t, of course, so you can read Moore’s writeup here. It’s not too flattering — who’d have guessed?

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 11 movies already in the first three months or so of 2006 that the studios didn’t screen for critics because they knew we wouldn’t like them. I can imagine Sony taking revenge on Moore by blurbing his review out of context. ”Vintage Spade… By all means, hie thee to a multiplex. It’s funnier than Larry the Cable Guy.”