Another PopWatch HeadScratcher to get you through the weekend:

Here’s the 411: I give you the names of twoactors. Your job is to connect them via as few movie co-stars aspossible. No TV movies or series orfailed tabloid relationships, please. And try to stick to relativelymajor roles — no cameos or bit parts; it makes it boringif you couldn’t have figured it out yourself.

This week’s pair of sassy lay-deez (at Michael “Come Up and See Me Some Time” Slezak’s request):

Mae West



Post your response(and/or blessings, stock tips, and cutting remarks)in the comments section below. There really is no incorrect answer (you’re all winners!), so why not share the knowledge? But don’t peek until you post your own.

I’ll take a glance Monday afternoon, and run the mostinteresting answers (including my own) through EW’s patented Snark-O-Matic and see what comes out.