Riddle me this, PopWatchers: Why is Daniel Powter‘s ”Bad Day” lodged atop Billboard’s singles chart for the second consecutive week? Bad enough that the producers of American Idol foist the whiny piece of Oprah Rock (as EW’s David Browne labels it in his C- review of Powter’s disc in this week’s issue) down my throat during each week’s elimination show, but to me, the song’s widespread acceptance is worthy of an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Granted, I’ve got somewhat questionable taste in music — yes, that’s SWV’s greatest hits playing in my office right now… got a problem with it? — but ”Bad Day” makes me feel slightly, for lack of a better term, homicidal. Could it be that its super-cute video, a takeoff of a certain winning VW Bug ad, never fails to emotionally manipulate me into a half-smile? (Note to self: Must. Maintain. Grimace.) Or do I just need to start upping the caffeine levels in my bloodstream?