Fortunate Son

In Fortunate Son, a flatly written, scantly imagined, utterly inert novel (a break from his popular Easy Rawlins mystery series), Walter Mosley explores issues of love, responsibility, and fate through two boys born a week apart in the same Los Angeles hospital. Throughout his charmed life, strapping blond ”Adonis” Eric encounters nothing but success — in the classroom, on the tennis court, with the violet-eyed girl of his dreams — yet he remains restless and unhappy. Meanwhile, African-American Tommy — sickly, impoverished, unwanted — is abused, gang-raped, crippled, and imprisoned, but somehow retains his joy at being alive. Who, then, is the lucky one? It’s a reasonably interesting question, but the book that answers it is both didactic and feeble.

Fortunate Son
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