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Feedback from our readers

Gimme a ‘Break’

After letting out a girlish squeal, I actually kissed(twice) the cover of my EW this week.
Kay Leviner
Anderson, S.C.

Thank you for finally putting Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell on the cover and for the fantastic article on Prison Break (”The Escape Artists”). This issue makes my whole subscription worthwhile.
Maurine Atkinson
Derwood, Md.

In reading your story on Prison Break, I found myself frustrated, disappointed, and even a bit angry at Fox Television. When I first saw the ads for Prison Break, I thought, What a great idea! A show designed to last only one season! A self-contained story with a definite beginning and ending, instead of a series just dragging on until it gets canceled. Then, sadly, I read your story. The team behind Prison Break have a current two-season plan, with possibly a third to follow? They appear to be overreaching and dragging out a simple idea far longer than it can be sustained.
Brian Michaels
Rockford, Ill.

School Daze

Thanks for the insightful article on the career of Donald Fagen (”Back to Annandale”). I’ve been a Steely Dan fan for many years, but I knew almost nothing about Fagen and Walter Becker. Rob Brunner’s story shed some much-needed light on a talented and somewhat mysterious musician. I had to go back and listen to ”My Old School.” Now I finally get it!
Chris Vigneau

Paging Dr. House

Sure, Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. McDreamy are all well and good (”Anatomy Lesson”), but what about House? Not only does House feature Hugh Laurie (one of the finest actors to hit the American small screen in years), it also has exciting plots, a group of great supporting actors, and the charming and talented Robert Sean Leonard! What more could a woman want?
Gena Fisher
Kidder, Mo.

Defending a Friend

Your story about Joey possibly facing cancellation due to bad ratings has nothing to do with cast, direction, or writers (News & Notes). It has to do with networks moving shows around or taking them off the air for weeks at a time, thinking viewers have nothing better to do than search for the shows we love. Note to TV execs: Put it on, leave it alone, and if you move it, let us know. If you have no faith in your shows, why should we?
Sean Patterson
Los Angeles

Fresh Prince

Your flawed review of Prince’s outstanding 3121 (Music) left me wondering on whose behalf your magazine is speaking by saying Prince has failed ”to meet our great expectations.” I know my expectation for Prince’s albums is that they are better than most of the other music available on radio, online, or in stores — and his new work easily fits this description.
Jaymie Esch
Lansing, Mich.

Number of readers who were angry that Lisa Schwarzbaum called American Beauty Oscar’s worst Best Picture winner ever (Their top pick: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Number of readers who said our idea to cast Jessica Simpson as Lucy in the Dallas movie ”would be like asking Jenny McCarthy to step into Vivien Leigh’s shoes for a remake of A Streetcar Named Desire


Lauren Scher of Mansfield, Mass., is hiding things from her husband, and now we’re in the middle. She writes: ”I, a 33-year-old mother and professional, am a Degrassi: The Next Generation addict. When I saw the episodes with Kevin Smith, I realized I was not the only freak. The new season starts on April 7. Do I tell hubby? Perhaps I can be brave and honest about who I am: a demographic-bending Degrassi junkie. Phew. That feels better.”