Is ''Brokeback Mountain'' worth more of your time? -- We review the Oscar-winner's DVD extras

Is ”Brokeback Mountain” worth more of your time?

The movie (R, 135 mins., 2005) may be a gay watershed and an intensely touching drama, but the DVD extras don’t show a lot of love to viewers of any sexual persuasion. Here’s the Brokeback bonus breakdown.

”ON BEING A COWBOY ” Stone-faced authentic cowpokes discuss training Hollywood pretty boys Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in ridin’, ropin’, and packin’ mules. So this is where Ledger learned to talk without moving his lips. C+

”DIRECTING FROM THE HEART ” Cast and crew praise the genius of Ang Lee (”The one thing he’s about is the emotions,” says producer James Schamus) without providing any specific insights into how the filmmaker approaches characterizations, visualizes the story, sets pacing and tone?all those unimportant things. A director’s commentary would have helped. C-

”FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN ” Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry discuss adapting the Annie Proulx short story. Turns out that McMurtry concentrated on the female characters while Ossana had ”more intuitiveness about the men.” Interesting. B

”SHARING THE STORY: THE MAKING OF BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN ” Depressingly calorie-free bloviation originally aired on the Logo network, with an annoying narrator and a tendency to repeat anecdotes from the above features. ”It’s been dubbed ‘the gay cowboy movie”’ is about as deep as this goes. D

Brokeback Mountain
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