Eva Longoria
Credit: Eva Longoria: Jeffrey Mayer/

Eva Longoria seems bigger than ever these days, with her Emmy-worthy comic performance as Gaby on Desperate Housewives and her first big movie role opposite Kiefer Sutherland in the soon-to-open thriller The Sentinel (April 21). But she’s even bigger than that — so big, she can be seen from outer space. That’s thanks to the lads at Maxim, who’ve blown up her current cover into a banner so large it had to be photographed in the desert outside Las Vegas. (”TV’s Sexiest Earthling Welcomes You to Our Rockin’ Planet,” the cover blurb helpfully tells any passing UFOs.) You can see the shot at USA Today, though if you really want to zoom in or out, you can also play with the satellite photo viewable only via Google’s free Google Earth software. At last, high technology put to a high-minded purpose.

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