Smoked (Book - Patrick Quinlan)

Smoke Dugan is a retired Mob bomb-maker in Maine whose past catches up with him. Also caught in the crossfire is gal pal Lola, who’s apparently the target of every sexual predator on the Atlantic coast. Fortunately, Lola kicks groins quite well. Crotch punts notwithstanding, this is the usual pulp about killers killing killers with glocks, blades, and nitroglycerin. Quinlan only seems effusive when rehashing advertisements: ”His breath smelled like those curiously strong mints, the ones that came in the little tin.” (Couldn’t he just write ”Altoids”?) Otherwise, Quinlan rarely minces words, opting to move right to the gory, immediate point. While it may be utterly mindless, Smoked should absorb any fan of Bruckheimer blockbusters and everything else that goes boom.

Smoked (Book - Patrick Quinlan)
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