Michael’s attempt to seek a new escape plan was put on hold so the Prison Break producers can tell us what they think we want to know: that most of these jailbirds are victims of really bad circumstance and don’t belong in the Big House. Take our martyr, Lincoln: turns out big bro was just trying to pay back a $90,000 debt he incurred to put his sib through school so he agreed to “kill” the already-dead brother of the vice president! Fernando’s just a petty thief trying to impress his girlfriend, Dr. Sara is a recovering morphine addict, and C-Note (pictured) is a disillusioned family man trying to make ends meet after witnessing Abu Ghraib-like abuse that led to his dishonorable discharge from the military. T-Bag, we learn, is the only lout deserving of a permanent stay in prison for killing a bunch of coeds.

Fortunately, those teases in the Break writers’ room threw us a few bones in this otherwise infuriating flashback sequence: more detail on why the V.P. and her secret service thugs were so hellbent on framing Lincoln. She was protecting her business-owning bro, who’s clearly still alive, sipping OJ in a secluded mansion and giving his dentures a good soak (ah, so now we know how that imposter in the ground had Terrence’s old teeth!).

So what did you think of this episode?

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