Credit: 9 TO 5: 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

Those wimps at The Office — or even those software scammers at Office Space — could learn something from 9 to 5, a gleefully antiestablishment comedy that became a mainstream blockbuster. In this perfectly plotted paean to overworked, underestimated, sexually harassed secretaries, the Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin-Dolly Parton chemistry is divine, Dabney Coleman is at his smarmy best, and darn it if those boss-killing fantasy sequences haven’t been lodged in our memories for 25 years.

EXTRAS A dream commentary track: Tomlin, Parton, and producer Bruce Gilbert fight (good-naturedly) for mic time with Fonda (”Look how I look at her boobs!” she crows at the entrance of guess who), and chatter about researching real secretaries’ experiences, Parton ”playing” them the iconic theme song for the first time by tapping her fake nails, and their hopes for a sequel. The ”Nine @ 25” doc covers some of the same ground, but it’s fun to see the stars — and Dolly’s hair — today and learn about the script’s journey from an article about a woman who really tried to off her boss to a comedy classic. Plus, it almost lives up to its featurette’s social-significance puffery (Fonda: ”There was a historic synchronicity between the film and a social movement that was ready to be born”).

9 to 5
  • Movie
  • 110 minutes