Chris Farley will soon reappear, overlooking Sunset Boulevard at Crescent Heights Boulevard near the Chateau Marmont, a.k.a. Hotel L’Overdose. He’ll be sandwiched into two dimensions like a Phantom Zone villain: a bloated, red-faced, manic-looking Phantom Zone villain. Branded on a 20-by-60-foot billboard: the word “Addiction.”

It’s not a PSA. It’s an ad. The Farley family sold the image to Hythiam, a West Hollywood medical startup, for $25,000. Hythiam’s pushing a new addiction treatment, and wanted the picture of Farley because “it’s unusual to see a celebrity in this fashion,” according to CEO Terren S. Peizer. (Really? “Unusual”? I can’t pass a magazine stand without seeing a celebrity “in this fashion.”)

To get a sense of the distaste, you don’t need to know that Peizer’s a former junk-bond trader who dodged prosecution by ratting on Michael Milken. But it helps.

All together now: Yick.