Macaulay Culkin
Credit: Macaulay Culkin: Mike Guastella/

Remember the sequences in the Home Alone movies when Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin would put random odds and ends together, set them in motion, and fool people who were outside into believing that something was actually going on inside? Culkin’s publisher has apparently taken a page from little Kevin, judging by the way Miramax Books’ marketing team took a few not-so-mean words out of EW’s otherwise unflattering review of his autobiographical novel Junior and cobbled them together into a glowing blurb in a full-page ad that ran in Friday’s New York Times.

”Well-written…complicated…a guilty pleasure” is how the ad excerpted Margeaux Watson’s C- review. Miramax Books told EW that the blurb is ”in context.” Hmm, let’s see:

Let’s give Miramax Books an A for creativity. If only the book had been as imaginatively put together.

[And Miramax: Don’t go trying to blurb this item. (I can see it now: “A for creativity!”) We’re on to your game, and the C- stands.]