[This PopWatch HeadScratcher is now CLOSED. See your clever responses here.]

Another PopWatch HeadScratcher to get you through the weekend:

Here’s the 411: I’ll give you the names of twoactors. Your job is to connect them via as few movie co-stars aspossible. We’re only using movies here — no TV movies or series orfailed tabloid relationships, please. And try to stick to relativelymajor roles within movies — no cameos or bit parts; it makes it boringif you couldn’t have figured it out yourself.

This week’s pair:

Basic Instinct 2‘s Charlotte Rampling


Slither‘s Elizabeth Banks

Different from last week, I want each of you to post your response (and/or well wishes, snide remarks, and observations about my mother) in the comments section below rather than emailing it. As I mentioned last week, there really is no incorrect answer (you’re all winners!), so why not share the knowledge? But don’t peek until you post your own.

I’ll take a glance Monday afternoon, and compile the most interesting answers (including my own) into a tasty little morsel of bountiful wit and astonishingly accomplished prose. Or I’ll make the intern do it. Potato, po-tah-to…