Get ready for Superman and the Marketing Scheme from the Third Dimension!

If you love the Man of Steel, but wish he would fly right at your face more often, then, boy oh boy, do Warner and IMAX have a treat for you. On June 30, the $300 million Superman Returns will be released both conventionally and in IMAX 3-D, glasses and all. Only three or four of the movie’s action sequences will be converted, in what amounts to a test of IMAX’s new conversion technology, which transforms conventionally shot footage into 3-D. Director Bryan Singer is devising visual cues, so IMAX theatergoers will know when to slap on their glasses. Naturally, they’re not telling you in advance what the converted sequences will be. But… won’t a visual cue to put on 3-D glasses be a) distracting and b) anticlimactic? When something surprising is about to happen on a movie screen, I don’t want to be told in advance. I want to be, y’know, surprised.

But I’m just being negative, as is my habit. Enjoy the supersized spectacle, Superfans. But jeez, Supes: The tight red briefs weren’t flattering enough? Someone isn’t super-secure…

Superman Returns
  • Movie
  • 157 minutes